• We are in the business of design and manufacturing of Finned Tubes air heaters.

  • Working principle of Air Heaters

    An Air heater generate clean hot air. Steam and thermic fluids are the heating media. The heating media will be passing through tubes stacked in the air heater. Fins made of Aluminium / Stainless steel / GI will be assembled in the tubes. These fins are heat transferring media.
    Atmospheric air will be passing through the fins . Atmospheric air will be guided through ducting. The heated fins will transfer heat to atmospheric air when air comes in to contact with fins.
    The hot air will be taken to the user point through ducts.

    What we do?

    Our strong area is single and double tube rectangular fin air heater. Rectangular shaped fins offer large surface area compared to the spiral finned tube.

    Why choose us?

    Our design will confirm to all international standards and meet the requirements of specific  chemical and process industries

    We manufacture all kind of air heaters.

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